Welcome to Berda Fruit South Africa CC, where innovation meets agriculture. 

In the beginning of 2022, we realized that there was a demand for a battery-operated 4-wheeler vehicle to use on farms. We tried to source from China but soon realized that there was not a battery 4-wheeler vehicle that ticked all the boxes that we needed. That is where the idea came to design our own 4-wheeler vehicle and manufacture it in China. That is how the LEKKEWAAN was born!

LEKKEWAAN is where stability, toughness, cost-effectiveness and comfort meet our farmers' needs. It was designed and built with keeping in mind the South African farming terrain. With no fuel, it is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

Contact us now to book your LEKKEWAAN at your nearest retailer and be part of the innovative journey toward a more sustainable and interconnected future.

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